Natural Wooden Playground set

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Natural Wooden Playground set
Natural Wooden Playground set
Natural Wooden Playground set

Hand crafted Wooden Swing, See-saw and Slide, the perfect addition to your Mini's small world play. Enhancing your Mini's imagination and creative play.

Imagination is such an integral part of childhood and this product embraces that! This product has numerous benefits that encourage imaginative play, including creativity, language and social skills, physical development, problem solving and also positive behaviors. Imaginative play has no limitations, so lets get playing!

This set is made of recycled branches of rubber trees in a country style.

All materials used are child-safe and non-toxic.

Product size ranging from 22cm tall (Swing) 16cm length (See-saw) 20.5cm length (Slide).

Recommended age 3 years +

Restock early September 2020

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