Kids Crystal Bundle

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Kids Crystal Bundle
Kids Crystal Bundle
Kids Crystal Bundle

A precious collection of four stunning Crystals, Orange Calcite, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz and Amethyst. Hand selected and cleansed with love for your Mini. 

Orange Calcite Chunk is a highly energizing and cleansing stone which can help your Mini balance their emotions. It removes fear and assists in overcoming problems enabling them to reach their maximum potential.

Rose Quartz polished tumble stone is a beloved Crystal all children need in their life. With its soft and gentle pink colour it will soothe their emotions, promoting endless love, peace and comfort.

Clear Quartz Cluster is strongly known as the stone of harmony. Children are drawn most to this Crystal, with a magical rainbow spotted within. This Crystal is a all purpose healer and is very useful in many situations.

Amethyst Natural point is known as the calming stone assisting with sleep and preventing nightmares in the home. Placed under their pillow or close to their bed creating a safe and calming atmosphere. 

Please note each of our Crystal bundles are one of a kind, hand selected with love and care for you. Each Crystal bundle is uniquely different and may vary from the picture. Your Kids Crystal Bundle will come in a cotton draw string bag to keep safe and Crystal description card.

Please note Crystals are not a toy and Children of all ages need to be closely supervised by an Adult when handling of these. Due to each Crystals nature please be aware of sharp points and rough textures in your little ones hands. Be warned these products are a choking hazard!

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